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The School of Prayer is dedicated to providing believers an opportunity to learn what it means to have confidence in prayer, intimacy with God and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ disciples witnessed Jesus perform many signs and wonders and yet the thing they asked for instruction in was prayer. They said, “Lord, teach us to pray.” (Luke 11:2) We believe Jesus still wants to teach His church to pray.

Our school is committed to providing scripturally based, theologically rooted, teaching, whether from our own leaders, or material from other Mother & Fathers of the faith, combined with the power of the Holy Spirit to equip the body of Christ.


fall course offering

Our Introduction to the Ministry of the Holy Spirit is a course designed to equip you to lead a life led by the Spirit. This course is 5 weeks course in which you will:

  • Discover how to share your faith

  • Learn how to walk daily in the power of the Holy Spirit

  • Learn to encourage believers & non-believers through prophecy

  • Advance the kingdom of God in your spheres of influence

  • Learn to pray for healing for others both physically & emotionally

  • Learn how to teach others to process grieve and walk through forgiveness

More information about the course: 

  • Tuesday nights from 7:30pm-9pm

  • Class will be held at 409 W 45th St. First Floor

For this course, space is limited to 40 people, so apply today to join with believers from around the city in this unique and exciting environment, pressing in together to gain significant ground in our daily walk with Christ and for the kingdom of God in the city around us.